THERMOMIX - The world's smallest kitchen !!!

With Thermomix revolutionary functions, you may prepare your meals, soups, drinks, dessert in a very quick, easy and healthy manner. All can be done very well in just one machine with an unbelievable fast speed!!

Thermomix Ground Spice, Make SorbetThermomix can cook pasta !
Thermomix can mash pumpkin and potato !Thermomix can knead dough and ground coffee !
Thermomix can steam and stir fry !Thermomix can peel garlic and make smoothies !
coffee maker
dough mixer
food processor
rice cooker
juice extractor
pestle & mortar
sorber maker
timer, scale, and more !!!
Thermomix can weigh, cut, chop, mix, mince, grate, grind, mill, beat, blend, whip, whisk and cook..
Well, it can also cook, steam, simmer, fry and wash itself nearly automatically.

One for everything, everything in one !!

Book a free, no obligation demonstration to experience the speed, simplicity and enjoyment of preparing quality food with Thermomix.

If you have just heard about Thermomix and want to find out more, or if you have already purchased or been given one, we recommend a Thermomix Demonstration to appreciate its full potential and to get the most out of your investment.

With a demonstrator, you will make 4 to 5 delicious recipes which are designed to show you the versatility and value of Thermomix, in relation to your lifestyle and your style of cooking.

Please contact us and we will arrange a demonstration for you at a mutually-convenient time (at home, at work or at another venue). Locations, dates and times can all be discussed directly with the demonstrator. Don’t forget, if you invite 3 friends to see a demonstration with you!!
I love Thermomix !